Tuesday, April 01, 2008

3/4 left to go

Well it's spring now (not that Jamaica has seasons) and the first quarter of the year has flew past me. So whats new?

  • Much to my shock(and horror) my company moved my dept. back to I.T. *sigh* It also looks like they are trying to dump a whole lot of extra work in our laps too. The company has gone through some organizational restructuring and many heads have rolled. I got a call from a guy today who was employed with the company for 15 years asking me for advice in moving his career into my field. That will probably be me in a few years time when I get placed on the chopping block but until then I shall stay on milking this corporate cow.
  • Another one bites the dust, crashplus looks like its about to be wound up and liquidated to see if it can meet it's liabilities. lol good luck with that. I do not feel sorry for those who ignore all logic and put $1 in a black hole expecting to pull out $2.
    Tip-of-the-day: don't put money into anything that has more liabilities than assets.
  • Thanks to google my blog, throughout its lifetime, has been discovered(not that it was hidden) by several friends and of course subsequent phone calls/emails followed. They mostly say it was my profile picture that that gave away the owners true identity so to avoid passers by from quickly identifying me I have replaced my face with my foot. Now any friends in the future that want to pass by and "discover" me will now have to actually stop and read the blog.
  • So I noticed my past few blog posts had been picked up by people and passed around via email and was even posted to a facebook group.. *pops collar* I wonder what they are saying in the emails.. any lurkers out there care to share? What was entertaining is that a young lady on facebook pointed out that my blogger profile stated that I had "none" for my favorite books and she was turned off. I racked my brain and updated my profile, go check it out.. maybe now I can get me a girl!
  • RE: new years resolutions.. I think inflation pretty much dealt with that.. did it hit 18% last year? other than that I guess nothing has changed, maybe the haters where right. I'll have to check and get back on this one.
I actually woke up and jogged this morning! great way to start Q2 `08. How are things with you?


GC said...

there was a very good NY Times essay about books, taste in books, and romance. But you probably wouldn't read something like that.

I always wondered why you were smiling so big and bold on your blog all that time. Figured you didn't mind the attention.

Irie Diva said...

back of the cereal box? good luck getting a girl with that...

and thats not ur foot.....

Adrian said...

@gc: I forgot to mention I dropped literature in high school.. had no interest in the matter.

@diva: totally my foot.. maybe one day I'll let you touch it.

Irie Diva said...


Stunner said...

The person I report too was made redundant, not that she minds it! But this only means more work for me with diminishing value of my meager salary.

That's why I don't put up y pictures, kinda keeps me a bit anonymous.

Tami said...

LOL @ Irie and adrian. So adrian is the new metro in the place. No "real" man wears thong slippers. c'mon now.

SimplEnigma said...

LMFAO @ the dumbass who said she was turned off by your profile. If she'd bothered to read your blog she'd have seen how intelligent you are. Her loss.

I noticed you give updates on everything but the love life. *waves to SNE*.

I too wondered why you had your pic in your profile. Wondered what would happen if the neighbor who you just allowed to sleep in your bed ever found it. Hehe.

I recognized one person from ur pics..DWL.

owen said...

I find the corporate cow rather annoying. This working for a living thing isn't what it used to be at all. I need to get out.

Mad Bull said...

Big reshuffle at CWJ? Digi a tek it to dem or wah?
I like that bit about "Crashplus". :)
I have my picture in my profile too. Don't really care if ppl find out its my blog. Most ppl know I have one already.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

*pops collar* indeed. lol :)

I actually did send your two uwi carnival links out by e-mail. Nearly everyone I sent it to responded with some level of shock, especially at the ones with the people writhing in the dust.