Thursday, January 03, 2008

'08, now what?

Everybody seems to like to make new year resolutions(which always get broken a few weeks into the year). I am not one of those people. Every now and then I might think of a simple one for myself and try to stick to it. Last year was one such year and the resolution was to keep my two plants on the windowsill alive and healthy. All that really meant was that I needed to water them regularly and maybe re-pot them but I managed to fail as they are mostly dead now. I guess my thumb is brown.

I have made a new resolution for this year, to spend more money... kind of contrary to a few people's goal of saving more but I think I have the saving down pat. Lets see me mess this one up.


Irie Diva said...

somehow i feel u'll mess it up
happy new year adrian :)

GC said...

um, the plants aren't dead YET.
maybe they need a new pot? A bigger one? Sometimes the old pot is holding them back.

and as for your 08 resolution
wasn't there a young lady looking for venture capital?

SimplEnigma said...

LMAO @ GC...I'm looking for venture capital too. Contributions for my Clinton Hill brownstone are welcome.

I'm with ID...once a saver, always a saver. Everytime you go to spend some money, you'll think about the interest you could be earning if it was in the bank. LOL.

I don't make NY resolutions...I have goals that I set for myself throughout the year. Last year my goal was to do a weekly Friday email to all my friends (Good Friday) which I did. Didn't miss a Friday, even when I was traveling. It felt good.

Happy New Year!

Stunner said...

Enjoy the splurge!

Jammy aka jamsprint said...

Good luck wid ur new year plans. I think I may have gotten a jump start on you with that one. I changed my pennypincher ways last november and I think it's paying off.
I R Back

Jamaican Dawta said...

Happy New Year!

Hmmm, a resolution with a difference!

GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

hmmm... resolution.. uhh whats dat?
i stop making them like 10 years ago cuz i never able to keep up with it. when i fail to fulfill it i felt like such a failure.. so i told myself.. eff dat!!

out of curiosity.. just what are you going to splurge on?


Irie Diva said...

he's gonna spend lots of money at sports bars....

when we going to get a few juliana blues adrian? :)

alex said...

My new years resolution is to gain weight and be lazy. If I fail horribly at that, that would be good.

Adrian said...

lol alex good way to look at it :D

@diva: I'm glad we are all tailoring my resolution to fit all of our needs :p

@gigi: lol splurging is not in my vocab.. lol just a bit extra here and there.

SimplEnigma said...

LMAO...u see him start pinch di penny dem aready bout "oh no, it's not a splurge". LOL.

Irie Diva said...

im saying! so lame!!!

Crankyputz said...

Mine is Be Happy..

I could really help u with your resolution!