Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taking the php plunge

I have decided that I will start developing a web site. This will be a non-profit venture, just a small project to keep me abreast with the changing technologies. The main problem is that I have no idea what to make the site about though I have narrowed it down to the following specifications:

  • Targets the local scene. (Jamaica)
  • User content driven.(I don't want to be the one entering all the data)
  • dynamic content to stimulate return visits.
  • Low maintenance and operate relatively unmoderated.
  • should be simple and easy to implement.(hey.. this is just a hobby)
Anybody wants to throw an idea out there for me to do? Everything has been done already and has been done pretty well too, no need to re-invent the wheel.

I have been looking at cheap hosting packages and realize that PHP has really taken off *sigh*. Perl is really my language of choice after doing these set of tutorials way back in 2001 but to find hosting with the requisite perl web application framework would put a hurting on my pocket for this non-profit project. So as the title says I am going to take the php plunge and do some php tutorials to get my programming ability up to scratch(after 5 years) to build a site. It shouldn't be that hard, the first CGI-bin I wrote was in C before I learned perl. So it's more tutorials for now, I have found this site that looks chock full of information.

At the end of this I should be able to put ajax, dhtml, pgsql, php, json and javascript on the end of my resume. Even my blogspot page is reaping some of the benefits of this new found information, one might notice I added a widget that shows 5 random pictures from my blog. If you cant find it I even wrote this* little script to whisk you to the right location on the page.

*only tested in firefox so may be broken elsewhere.


taylor2nd said...

I'll give u a bit of advice.

test in internet explorer all the way.. because i.e is such a piece of shit browser. firefox will definitely render. hwoever i.e will complain all the way to the server request and back..

if i ever meet a i.e developer thats the day i go to jail for first degree brutality / murder.

Tami said...

Ok, lost u after "re-invent the wheel". But i think its a great idea tho it wud just be regurgitation when u cud just do a google home page or yahoo home with select info u want. As for Ja techie news, chances are u'd have to still do most if not all of the work. The nerds are busy trying to get the rejected,damaged girls.

SimplEnigma said...

I didn't understand most of this post. Who knew ajax was something other than a household cleaner? Who knew? LOL.

Non-profit, huh? Well since there is a craigslist caribbean, you could do a free stuff website that lists things people wanna give away for free. Or volunteer website that lists volunteer opportunities. Or if yuh really ambitious, you can start developing mapquest for Jamaica. Hey, does GPS work in the cars in JA? Just curious.

Irie Diva said...

it amazes me how i run a website and i dont have a clue what any of those things that u listed are. thank GOD for wordpress!

i like SE's idea of the classifieds sorta website...one thats free. that wud prolly take off, then u cud start makin gmoney from it if it really does.

Bart said...

How about a Jamaican version of TriniScene?

SimplEnigma said...

@Bart: isn't that whaddat? Triniscene does Jamaican events too and that is one high maintenance site. Hom woula haffi go party every single night. LOL.

Adrian said...

triniscene does Jamaican stuff?

lol as SE says that has been done many times over already: waddat.com, watever.com, partyinc, entertainmentjade,... sigh that list grows every year, don't wanna be a statistic :p

the last time I checked gps systems work.. but nobody had any map data to back them.

facebooks classifieds is teh boss though .. its a shame the take up isnt that much in jamaica :(

Crankyputz said...

lol all that jargon was completely lost on me...

Ill be happy to point and click and test it out for you.

Stunner said...

I want to learn php too, it is pretty interesting stuff. After all that's what blogs use! I have started to read a bit but time is just not on my side.

owen said...

@tami stop hating on the rejected,damaged girls

@adrian all you need is php.net, php is a pretty functional language as long as you know what you want to do just search for the function and you'll get some sample code.

Adrian said...

lol owen I have to crawl before I can run!

whats all this mumbo jumbo tami is talking about damaged girls? she lost me there.

mad bull said...

Nice idea. I'd offer to work along with you on it but I know I'd reach a stage where I didn't have time. I also have issues with deciding what the site is going to do.

justacoolcat said...

I love php.

There's a local site around here that's really popular called MnSpeak and I could totally see a JaSpeak taking off.

alex said...

if you have the time, check out the zend framework for php. i imagine your writing a simple website, but frameworks really help with maintenance and y would you want to have write your own.