Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How annoying..

How is it possible that a crew of three workers take more than two weeks to paint my place? I wish my apartment was that big that it justified them taking so long but given the same amount of time, a paintbrush and a few gallons of paint, I would have single handedly finished the job already. Anyway they have finished with inside which is no longer boring white(thank you) but a "Almond blossom" according to the paint can or light yellow according to a straight man. I notice they have painted over the black wooden decorative finishes on the outside walls of the ghetto penthouse with this same color and have uglified the place imho.

Now almost every day I come home I see them tinkering about the place painting something, I'm sure nobody likes to come home and be haunted by the smell of oil paint. Anyway at some point in time I bought a bottle of febreze... whats the deal with it? I feel totally tricked by the commercials that got the best of my curiosity. Well at least if the paint smell starts sticking to my curtains or other stuff hopefully it will sort it out.

School has started back and the long lines of traffic picked up right where they left off. I was enjoying the past few weeks of cruising to work and back home in a few minutes, this will no longer be possible until summer or something else changes. Those changes specifically being me changing offices, yup I am finally leaving downtown and moving on up to.. uptown. On the topic of annoying I sat in 50+ meetings while planning this move which has been in the making for over 12 months now. I'm just glad I didn't have to chair any of those meetings. I am however looking forward to after the move, this other location shrinks my daily commute time to 10 mins to and from work in peak traffic :D. For y'all who like pictures these are some I found on my pc that I snapped from out of the windows of my soon to be x-office. My ode to downtown:

A view of Kingston and Lime Cay.

Kingston public hospital and the post central sorting office, I think all mail passes through here.

My old alma mater, STGC and the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Sabina Park.


GC said...

I don't think that's what febreeze is for

and it seems it's time for you to just give in already and buy a house

these guys are getting paid by the hour--there should totally be a flat rate and that would get them out of your house in no time flat

Irie Diva said...

moving on up! does that mean you'll be in the area hanging out?

Mad Bull said...

Bwoy, your pictures really made me homesick.
- STGC, good and true, eh? I guess that the back of the fifth/sixth form block.

- Hey, if you look behind the cathedral, whats that? Is Rockfort that? Look at all the pollution! 80
Whoi Oi!

- What a way KPH favour a prison!

- Wow! They have really transformed 'Bina! I haven't been in the vicinity since the Cricket World Cup! :)

Nice Pictures, my yute!

Adrian said...

yup.. I think I saw on your blog you were a stgc man too :-p, while I was there upstairs was the 6th and downstairs was the 5th form block.

@mb: yup rockfort, the cement company and a power barge as well. Over there is normally very dusty.

@diva: in the area? what area?
"hanging out".. is that what the cool people go to work to do? :-p

@gc: after a while I picked up that these people were not being payed a flat rate when they asked me if they could come back on new years day.. >:(

SimplEnigma said...

LMAO. Good ol' JA. Cyah believe people still a get paid by the day and hour (in JA of all places) for jobs like this.

Febreze is a fabric refresher not air freshener my yute. I'm not a doctor, but somehow I don't think you should be in your house inhaling those fumes on a daily basis for so long. LOL.

Those pics make me homesick. :(

Jamaican Dawta said...

Hmmm, those photos bring back memories...

Boy was I glad to leave them behind when I "moved on up", to borrow from Irie Diva. :)

BTW, re the paint smell, you can place large containers of water in areas throughout your place. The water will "draw" the scent. Nuh laugh, I've tried it before.

Stunner said...

I hope the move goes well, especially since I'm working the day of the move! You have a great view from down there, I guess you'll cherish these shots!

Crankyputz said...

You live in a gorgeous place.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,
I must thank you for the photos.Its one of the high points of your blog. The photos, though they make me a bit homesick, helps to keep the memories of home alive.
A special favour, Could you take a few of that transportation center in HWT?

Warren. said...

Great photos, wrong school. But then, not everyone could have gone to Jamaica College. Fervet!! \0/ :0

Adrian said...

@cranky: thats where I work.. you are one of the select few that consider downtown Kingston to be gorgeous.

@anonymous: thanks.. I figure y'all foreigners might appreciate it. lol sure I'll try to take some pics of the transport center for ya.

@Warren: JC? sorry but there is no competition there :p

Eb the Celeb said...

beautiful pictures!