Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The wingman is back.. the sequel

After many months at sea wingman called and informed me that he will be back in Jamaica before the end of the month. I can foresee the interesting times ahead as a few things have changed which he has no visibility of(yet). The first of which is that noodle and I aren't together anymore. He is very long winded and the last time I told him I broke up with someone that conversation almost lasted two hours(ignoring the fact that he was calling from 1000s of miles away on a long distance call). So I can only imagine the verbal onslaught that will follow when he is back here and notices someone is missing.

My problems are trivial compared to the other item which he is unaware of. At the barbecue I met and chatted with his biggest crush. He has had a thing for this girl for over 7 years now.. I dunno why they never moved from just friends. Anyway we became friends while he was gone and it turns out he didn't know she was pregnant and recently had a baby. She asked me not to tell him, she eventually will, but this blows my mind as to how he was oblivious to it. It will be a hard task not telling him this bit of information but he is very well aware that I will mostly honor peoples requests to keep information under wraps.

Hopefully this will close that chapter of his life as it has been loooong drawn out. Due to the wealth of free time I have now and the pending news of his crush's baby I think he will be more than willing to live up to the name bestowed upon him and a night of debauchery is in order. Hopefully things haven't changed but there was never a shortage of ladies when we are out looking for trouble so this should put our past where it belongs :-p


Irie Diva said...

exciting times ahead indeed...jus because chrsitmas is close too...its the best party season ever.

and uwi girls are too young for unno now :P

GC said...

Aww jeez
I feel kinda bad for wingman but why would she keep it a secret from him unless she wanted him too?

owen said...

woo man mek sure you go anyway you want to go before she tell him because hes going to go pon "E" after him hear dat news.

owen said...

make sure your there to hold his hand when the meltdown occurs lol

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Lol! Is there ever a dull moment with Adrian? :-D

Strategy : take him over to see the girl and THEN just when he sees the baby, tell him about you and Noodle. That should solve the potential verbal onslaught problem.

...wonder whose baby it is? hmm.

bobby said...

I agree with owen just go all out with your partner in crime ... starsky and hutch ...lol lol good luck and have some emergency burbon for the melt down, it ago happen.

Adrian said...

who said anything about uwi girls? anyway UWI girls are a-ok in my book... drools

@gc: lol their history is long and confusing.. unless he is going to turn from wingman to step daddy lets be glad its over.

@owen/bobby: I'm glad I wont be around for that conversation.. hopefully he wont try to call her from my house.

@ann: its mostly dull.. it just looks exciting coz its on the internet :p

I did think of something similar to your strategy but I have promised her to let her tell him on her own time :( lets hope he doesn't find this blog before then.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

aahhmmmm...what if noodle sends the blog to him?

Adrian said...

she could.. but that wouldn't really be me telling him.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

aahh...yes, yes. Quite right you are.

(she shakes her head at the sheer genius of Adrian)


Mad Bull said...

Debauchery is always good! Enjoy!

Stunner said...

That is a bomber! Well once the two of you hit the girls scene you will both forget about your problems.