Thursday, June 28, 2007

Feeling the heat

Last week was undoubtedly the hottest week I can remember so far for this year and its only just the start of summer now. It makes sense though as last week also marked the summer solstice so hopefully things will get cooler in the following weeks. This(37C or 99F) is the highest I've seen my infrared thermometer go up to in this apartment and when I pointed at the ceiling it went up to 39c.. Is it worth it to buy an AC if I am planning on moving out within the next 12 months? This wouldn't be an issue at my old apartment, it had a pool and AC... I could be splashing around and beating the heat by the poolside everyday :(

Since there was none of the desired items at my place I went to Lime Cay on Saturday. I quickly noticed some people brought their little house dogs(are they really dogs?) I'm just imagining the dogs taking a whiz or a dump and burying it in the sand for us to find later.. how about they leave the mutts at home. Anyway the owner of this mutt to the right came in the middle of the afternoon and set down their stuff under our tree about 4 feet away from us and immediately the dog ran over and walked all over our blanket before the owner casually came over to get it back[evil thoughts flooded my brain]. We went for a walk and came back to find our blanket covered in sand and the dog sleeping in a hole he dug. Only upon our arrival back did the owner decide to look over and come to de-sand our property... is it wrong for me to want to hurt the dog and its owner at this point in time?

One thing that always amazes me at Lime Cay is the amount of container ships that always pass not too far away. Oddly enough my friend said Wingman is probably on that red ship leaving now and he called me later that day saying he was leaving on Sunday. This time his ship comes back to Jamaica so he wont get too home sick, see ya in 20 days wingman :p

The picture on the left there is one of the main reasons I don't like Lime Cay.. lots of garbage is left on the beach by the people who visit and lots of debris is washed up on the nether side of the isle. I am always amazed at what I find washed up on that side of the Cay. The picture on the right is of the beach on the way back from Port Royal just outside the airport, it was the first time I was stopping there. The picture doesn't do justice to how much debris that has washed up on shore... lol even the Pilar Del Caribe litters the beach.

The following day, Sunday, I went for lunch at the Pegasus. They have a buffet thing normally by the poolside. The pool looked good but the food was horrible, they never fail to disappoint me. I have never heard anybody say anything good about their food before and they are much more expensive than other places. They dinning area is covered and has lots of ceiling fans but the place was still blazing hot... I put them on par with Morgan's Harbour lunch buffet, don't go to either.

This week isn't as hot as last week though, I can't wait till I can sleep without the fan again.

Click here for a few more random images from Port Royal.


anonymous jones said...

Hi! Really nice photos.

Dutch Pot said...

Do you have to hire a boat to go to Lime Cay? When I used to visit as a kid it was not so busy. Is it still worth the visit? Nice pictures though....

Oh....Jericho was 48 degrees last Sunday!!! NO JOKE.

scratchie said...

Good photos Adrian. The last week has been horrible with the heat but it seem to be cooling down slightly...note I said slightly :S

Adrian said...

thanks anony jones & scratchie.. maybe photography could be my new hobby :D

@dutchy: well ignoring the nether regions of the cay it's still a very nice beach.

Well I am poor and my friends are poor so no yatch yet, we pay $500 for a round trip.

How do people manage 48C weather? I would just drop down dead.

Stunner said...

That's why I don't go to beaches near kingston harbour! North coast beaches for me!

I would a hit dat dog yuh si! Cute or no cute!

Great photos Adrian, looks like you soon should start a photoblog.

I have had Morgans harbour and I ain't going back and since you compare it with Pegasus, I ain't going to Pegasus at all!

GC (God's Child) said...

that is not a dog
it is an overgrown rat
but a little sand among beach goers is not big deal

Gela said...

Maiden Cay is much better, cleaner, less populated. Only thing you'll need your own boat to get there.

I've never been to brunch at Pegasus as much as I hang out there a lot, but I know that Terra Nova's brunch is good. Cost $1600 (if I remember correctly).

Mad Bull said...

Oh, you bring back some sweet memories, my yute! Blurd cleat! Me used to live pon de Cay, you know! Nice pictures, man. Re the dog, is not his fault. Tell the owner she has to pay with a pound of flesh and you get to choose where the pound comes from. Thats my suggestion! :)
The legs look sweet still! Over this side of the pond, the dogs at the beach are bigger and it tends to be kids that track sand all over your towels and stuff, but anyway... 'llow the dog, is the owner you need to talk to.

Crankyputz said...

Ohh the pretty pictures, make me wish I was soaking in the water right was hot in Canada, but now its cool....

Tami said...

Brief hiatus: When visiting Megamart, don't wear the CWJ yellow shirt. I could have come up to you and asked for help finding an item since the Megamart people wear the same yellow. hehe!

I'm yet to travel to Lyme Cay :(

Adrian said...

I've been spotted.. where/what was I doing?

I'll make myself a bit more inconspicuous going forward.

Ann said...

Bwoy it really is hot fi true. I'm afraid to think of what it will be like in August!