Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Behind the name..

I thought I should explain the name Sectio Divina.. Apparently when you sign up for a free service after it has been in production for a few years, people run away with all the good names. I searched high and low but failed to find anything of use in my native language so I turned to greek.. nada then I turned to latin.. Sectio Divina cha-ching!

It translates to Divine Proportion which speaks of the Golden Ratio

This golden ratio is related to the Fibonacci series and is found in all aspects of life from the paths taken by excited atoms to the paterns of leaf growth on a plant to galaxies. Look it up sometime, it could be interesting.

Anyway back to more important matters at hand, I left my mobile phone at home today. I did not realize this until I was almost at work and wondering if anybody missed me yet then thought they would just call if anything popped up when I realized the phone was missing. I decided that there was no way I was going back home for it just to join rush hour traffic again and that I will just pick it up at maybe 9 ~ 10am after traffic died down. 10am came around and I was not feeling the vibe to go back for it so I decided I would do without it for today, sorry peeps who tried calling me :-p.
Of course at lunch time in the canteen my supervisor's phone started to act up and he asked me to borrow my phone to make a call. Now this is some bad luck right there, out of all the days for him to ask to make a call he chose the one day in the past year I've forgotten it. Its kind of bad on my part as I normally get work to do via my mobile phone.. I am not sure why people don't just pick up their desk phone and call my extenion.. there is always email anywho.

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