Wednesday, April 26, 2006

dropped off the list

Went shopping for groceries last night and saw Kris Kelly.. great right? no, not really. Now this girl used to be one of the Jamaican celebs I used to drool over ever since I saw here one night at the Rib Cage on constant spring road. There is nothing wrong with her but she has a bit much junk in her trunk for my taste :-(. Maybe I didn't notice before as at the time the place was dark, I was under the influence and it was like 3am in the morning.

  1. Sexy Body Sasha
  2. Kris Kelly
  3. Tami Chyne
We are now bumping Tami up to the numbero dos slot and there is now a free space available on my wanted list. Tami is a sure thing as I have also seen her at the supermarket and she is hotter than the media show, so we are safe. Any local female celebs reading this may apply in confidence within for the vacant slot left by our dear friend Kris.

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rotty said...

different strokes for different folks....