Monday, January 26, 2009

BIM contd.

It is official, I love Barbados. The photo on the left there is a piece of their parliament building in the capital Bridgetown. Things seem to just work in Barbados, the people are patient on the road[damned Jamaican traffic and road rage], they don't litter and they are a generally disciplined set of people. Discipline goes a far way, it pains me to see how people in Jamaica disregard it and are slowly destroying themselves. Tourists walked the streets[all hours of the night] without someone tagging them trying to sell them stuff, I watched the news and there was no murders. The general mood was just laid back. I have been to many countries in the Caribbean but this was the first to have left such a good impression on me.

One thing to note was the food and its abundance. All the towns I went to had hundreds of food places scattered everywhere, the options and variety were endless. I passed to many Cefettes not to try them so one day I passed by to see what all the hype was. Am I missing something? their food was horrible, why is it so popular? blacklisted, do not go there. Also another question, do you see what is on the catch of the day menu in that first picture above? Can someone tell me why they are catching flipper and his friends and grilling them up? I wasn't brave enough to try that dish.. my conscience probably wouldn't let me sleep after that.

The photos above are from Broad St. and the waterfront in Bridgetown. I totally tourist out that trip to Bridgetown snapping pics every chance I got, it was a shame I got there as the sun was going down and didn't have much time to linger as I had to bus it back to the hotel to get ready to go out later that night. Bridgetown seems like it would be fun after dark but then we passed by Oistens and the gap later on that night and there it was the place to be. I couldn't stay though I had an early flight out in the morning.

I need to find myself back there in the near future. Barbados was pretty expensive.. but fun. I am definitely more relaxed from 'working' a bit in Barbados, hopefully it won't wear off soon as I am slapped back to the harsh reality here at home.

To the left is Grantly Adams international airport which is pretty good for such a small island. lol I have been in airports before that consisted of a single small room with everything in it, baggage claim, customs, immigration and departure but I shall not name the country.


Kim said...

I hope you tried the fly fish though...that's some great stuff!

Crankyputz said...

Loving the Barbados pics and udpates, however perhaps a lil life update is due??

Stunner said...

You certainly enjoying your time in Barbados! Great pics too. Disciplined people, no murders on the news... I think I need to move.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

I think Dolphin is a type of fish -not Flipper Dolphin.

Bim is a great place to visit. Living there, though...that's another story. Trust me.

Pepper said...

i am inclined to agree with ann on both comments...

my friend who is doing her law school time over there is not amused.

Pepper said...

and lol at nosey cranky :P but of course im thinking the same

GC (God's Child) said...

which country? which country?


BIM is okay and the dolphin is really Mahi Mahi, a type of fish.It eats real good.

Anonymous said...

1- Barbaods is just as bad as jamaica with crime, they just censor their news. read the bajan blogs to get whats really happening in the country, or drive past the courts and just look at the throngs outside.

2- All industries are monopolised, which results in those expensive prices you encountered, and so although they like to boast that their dollar is 2-1, even though ours is 90-1, we can live better in Ja on an equivalent amount than they can.

3- Did you notice many whites talking to blacks, or indiands to anyone? Racism is alive and well to a greater degree than most places in the caribbean in bim.

4- The people might be quiet, but it's not due to them naturally being passive, it's because they are ruled with an iron fist. Protesting, even peaceful protests, will have the the police out in riot gear and you will be arrested, dragged along the ground and charged. There was a peaceful protest at uwi in 05 and even the lecturers that were protesting with the students got dragged on the ground, literally. (goes back to point 2 about monopolization)

5- If you think cheffette was bad you should have tried kfc. The notion of a standard recipe escapes them, and bajans cannot cook in general.

6- They cannot drive either, you just caught them on a good day. I've seen a man ram a concrete divider, back up, and ram it again just to get over it because he was too lazy to drive around. They have no written part to their driving exam.

7- The only positive to barbados is that tourists arent bothered MUCH, which i chalk up to that iron grip the police have. You should have noticed at least one policeman on every other street in bridgetown.

On a personal note - cant wait to leave bim. If I wanted to live in a society this restrictive, I would move to Cuba, which at least has attractive women (that arent from other countries).

Adrian said...

inside info!

heh yeah I was warned to stay away from their kfc..

I think I might go back there soon too, if I do I need to have a look in greater detail at whats under the rug

Anonymous said...

Last time I went to Barbados it struck me as very beautiful and a bit boring. But as we get older and the crime escalates, in Jamaica, and elsewhere, Boring seems to be getting more attractive. Nice writing and photos.