Saturday, January 10, 2009

The final nail in the coffin

Day two 2009.

She calls me to wake me up at 6am so she can come by and pick me up so we can go walking up the hill I hate so much, mountain spring. This was the first time I was seeing or talking to her since I found out that the other girl that she wasn't too fond of was preggers for me. How to break it to her? I had about 30minutes of hill climbing ahead of me to try and figure it out, nada. On the way back down I wrecked my brain trying to figure out how to slip it in the conversation and luckily for me close to the bottom a guy was walking up carrying a little baby. This was the sign I was not looking for so I just lifted the hammer and started putting in the nails

me: I called back xyz yesterday.
her: of course you did, what did she want?
me: she was calling to let me know she was pregnant.
her: for who?
me: me
her: *jaw drops open and she walks off in silence*

I picked a good time(if any ever existed), we were almost back to her car. Now for the awkward silence as I drove us back to my house. I normally leave upset girls to sort out their feelings so I didn't try to say anything her after she walked off but on the 4 minute ride back home I peeped over at her and noticed she was busy deleting every trace of me from her mobile phone. Yup I could have seen this coming from a mile away, anyway she confirmed my suspicions that this will be our last encounter when she patted me on the shoulder and said 'good luck' before driving off without hesitation.


Tami says: said...

o_O Wow, and here i was thinking i was cold. Is it that you cheated on her with the other chik cuz it kinda sounded like you told her things were over between you two, when they really weren't. I'm sorry to hear this. No woman ever wants to be second place in a guy's life; And most girls hate the baby mothers and they hate them back, so it's probably best.

What has the ex said? I forgot her name; the one you played CSI with.

Stunner said...

Wow star, man, I don't know what to say. It rough.

Crankyputz said...

It's sucky, but having been there and been the girl who tried to stay and make it work, I understand how walking away actually makes it easier for both of you.

Hard to accept now, but you never know what the long run holds.

GC (God's Child) said...

i've missed a lot