Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a time to catch up

Where does the time go? I took this week off to catch a breath and it's almost Thursday already! not to mention it's almost December.. but the year just started. I have observed that as I get older my perception of time speeds up. *sigh* I just googled it and apparently I am not the only one. I haven't read that article though, it looks pretty depressing for me to stop and read now, it will probably change the whole tone of this post. So what have I been up to? time to make another list

  • I got myself a 22" wide screen LCD for my computer and it's officially larger and much prettier than my 21" regular tv that I am now ignoring for several reasons. This larger monitor is great for editing photos and watching HD video :D
  • I went to the UWI to get information on their post graduate degrees. All the kids there look so young and it's only been 4 years since I've left that campus :-(. I am looking forward to going back to school again, it should be interesting trying to fit classes, exams and projects into my busy work schedule. yay!
  • I got a call from a guy in my section on Monday, he just came back from vacation and got his walking papers from our HOD. So my section now has 4 members.. I am not looking forward to that extra work. I like my work though, I hope they keep me.
  • It's all gravy. 11 months ago I made a resolution to spend more. I checked my finance app and I have spent a bit more than the same period last year but I am still way ahead of my end of year savings target.. so far ahead I can cut a check and pay for my post graduate degree in full and still be within my budget. I guess I can mark that down as a failed resolution.
  • I viewed a townhouse in New Kingston and an apartment in Kingston 8. I loved the location for the New Kingston place but the 18yo place left a lot to be desired in terms of maintenance, if a next real estate agent says bachelor pad I will know to lower my expectations. The uptown apartment was absolutely gorgeous! It's not in my ideal area[right in the middle of things] but I made an offer a little shy of the asking price, I hope I don't get it. I don't know whats wrong with me, I want to hold out until I can find the ideal place in the perfect area.
Let's hope I get some rest and post some more before I go back to the rat race.


Stunner said...

It seems I am working in the wrong section of these ailing company, cause I am way behind on my saving target. My spending has gone up, not by choice but due to the increase in cost of living. Pay your post grad fee in full, oh shit! Good for you man.

It might be unrealistic to find your perfect place for the right price, but it can happen. So keep your hopes up and keep searching.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

so the moral of the story is, don't go on vacation unless you want to lose your job?! Yikes! I know so many people losing their jobs these days. Makes me really happy that I'm self employed.

Hopefully you will find that perfect place Adrian. Nothing worse than "settling" for something you really don't like and paying a premium for it.

Mad Bull said...

Hope you get the place you really want. I hear that SLIME is killing people left and right!

Adrian said...

ya, ppl dropping like flies these days.

its back to the ratrace tomorrow.. keeping my fingers crossed.

Crankyputz said...

I just got a surround sound bar...amazing..

Get a bigger tv, splurge...its worth it.

GC (God's Child) said...

there's no ideal place
no perfect area
but if you find it, you'll be glad you didn't go buck wild with the spending
because it sounds like you're picky--and you know what that means?
It means you better have cash.

Adrian said...

hmm.. got a call from the real estate agent today, the vendor accepted my offer.

mortgage time :(

Pepper said...

what are you doing with your old place tho?

i so want to move

Adrian said...

boy.. all my friends been eyeing my apartment for years now.

just deal wid a sunday gleaner :p

Pepper said...

struups :@