Sunday, March 29, 2009

UWI Carnival '09

So it's that time of the year again and I found myself at the UWI Mona campus to capture some of the coeds bump and wining themselves into a frenzy last weekend. I was looking at last year's photos and was wondering if I should bother put up any for 2009 after all it's essentially the same theme but then I looked at my stats and of course there is a boost as the search engines push people my way. Why not give the people what they want? so here goes.

We arrived on the campus at the usual start time, 2pm, and aside from the one or two scantily clad girls walking about there was no sign of carnival. I wasn't bothered much though as I was sure I didn't get the dates mixed up and there was another event, Fun In the Sun, going on in the Mona bowl and I could kill some time down there. A few hours passed quickly and it was 4pm when things were just about starting.

The bands weren't as nice as last year, you could definitely tell that something was up.. recession but the kids never minded much as long as they could chip along like conjoined twins joined at the hip. There was less costumes, less trucks, less give aways, these surely are hard times.

As usual everybody got action, the young, the fat, the uninterested and the dorm room railing.

After making a full circle along the ring road they stopped in front of the library and had the competition between the bands which is the worst pronunciation of dry hump session in the dirt. It looks like time was running out so they hurried back around the ring road and debuted Allison Hinds.

By the time they got around to the maintenance section of campus they took out the water trucks and was spraying everybody. I stood from a distance and took a few shots but it was getting dark and I don't particularly fancy the built in flash on my camera so I just made my way back to the Fun in the Sun concert back at the bowl.

See you again next year UWI carnival, hopefully I'll be a student again then.


Crankyputz said...

Ahh fun times....

Stunner said...

I didn't even know it would be so soon, didn't even have a clue when it was! Good pictures you got though. I plan to be at the Bacchanal road march, got to test out the new camera.

Mad Bull said...

What the heck is a Heavy T Bumper? What does the T stand for? Trini? Ton? What?

Adrian said...

good question, I asked a couple of people I knew there but nobody knew.

the yellow band had a better selection last year for sure though.

GC (God's Child) said...

what happened to that girl's sock?

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Guess it flopped GC.

Hmmm...Jumpin mass in heels? interesting indeed.