Sunday, March 15, 2009

fuzzy life

I have gone vintage.

lol well not as old as Asahi Pentax but almost there. Last month for my birthday I ordered my second[the last one got lost somewhere in the mail between Japan and Jamaica last year] Pentax 42mm screw mount adapter for my canon camera and I got it a two weeks ago. I screwed on my Tomioka 55mm f1.4 lens and the rest has been *click* *click* *click* history.

I am still getting used to manually focusing and other luxuries modern lenses but I have a new found appreciation for fuzzy life. I used to aim to have everything in the frame be in focus as much as possible but now I only want what I desire to be in focus. This lens is pretty hard to focus when it's wide open though, I will probably take a few more weeks to fully get used to it but so far I am loving the blast from the past.

With my new found interest in photography again, I decided to try my hand at photo stitching. So I installed Hugin, enblend, enfuse and autopano-sift-c[all free and opensource] got to making panoramas.

I was off for last week so of cruised on up to Castleton to try my stitching skills and swim of course and these photos are some of the end results. The water was crystal clear almost perfect but a bit shallow.

The photos came out nice for such an old lens eh? If y'all want to see a larger picture of the rocks, check my panoramio page here.


Stunner said...

Great photos Adrian! Some of the best photos are the ones with selective focusing as it focuses the attention on your subject. You may want to read up on Depth of Field to improve your selective focusing. Like you the Nikon D60 has rekindled my passion for photography.

Stunner said...

I think I need to try out that software.

Crankyputz said...

Beautiful pics, how lucky are you to live in sucha beautiful place.

Pepper said...

extremely lucky :D

you still blog? *shock*

Tami says: said...

Nice shoots dude. I wish i had enough cameras to take a full 360 movable shot.What are those called again?

Adrian said...

I thought they were called panoramas..

I have been investigating.. I want to try timelapse next. will post any results if I ever do :p