Sunday, March 22, 2009

pad status: debatchelorized

I sold my pool table.

It was probably the biggest and heaviest item in my apartment, it defined my place. It was a dead give away when my friends visited me for the first time, they would come through the door and question in amazement you have a pool table? lol or ask if it came furnished with one.

I didn't really use it much for 8 ball, I just used to put stuff on since it was so big.. and tabley. So after I went to my attorney to sign the transfer of title for my new place I made my way down to the gleaner[local paper] and put an ad in their classifieds for it to be sold. It didn't really make much sense to move with it since I don't use it and it took up so much space.

It sold the same day the ad ran.. maybe I under priced it :( Two days later the guy came with a truck and a football team[literally] and they took it. My living room looks so empty without it now. I have to stop myself from buying furniture to fill the space since I know I will be moving sometime soon. I now realize I don't really have much to move with that table out of the way but I still have a few large items I need to sell or dump before I move. Somehow I don't think they will be as well received as the pool table though.. I got calls for 6 days straight after that ad ran.


Tami says: said...

aww, poor baby. Replace that with a bassinet or crib to match your style.

Crankyputz said...

Part of growing up and moving on, a definitive moment in your narritive....the day you sold the pool table.

Stunner said...

A pool table was your place, wow you were styling, even though you used it for other purposes!

"I made my way down to the gleaner[local paper] and put an ad in their classifieds for it to be sold."- dude you just love driving or you have free gas to waste? You could have done that online!

Cool Destiny said...

I'm glad I moved into my own place straight from my parents house ... not a lot of shit to carry apart from clothes and a few personal effects! I agree with Tami on the
perfect pool table replacement!

owen said...

you probably shoulda held a auction, lol