Sunday, November 30, 2008

it's still happening

Well the power company is still messing with me but I during my recent time off at home have noticed a trend. The voltage mainly spikes in the afternoon between 1 and 5pm. I don't know if I should even bother reporting the issue again, I just need to sit it out for a few more months and then I am outa here. In the mean time my refrigerator is spending so much time off that I am seeing around a 30% drop in my electricity bill. It doesn't seem to affect the food in there though so its a good thing I guess. This will make up for all the fuses I have been buying to fix my speakers.

Yes that many fuses + more have blown. Once I took up the camera I got trigger happy with the natural light and took some other photos of my ip power 9212 remote power and sensor boxes. A few years ago I hunted the internet high and low for them and placed my order at the first sign of them. I had grand visions of home automation with a computer sensing and controlling power around my apartment. They have yet to be used like so much of the other tech I have bought. I still have grand visions using x10 though.


owen said...

when you say around 30% do you actually mean 25%?

GC (God's Child) said...

I'm just mainly taking notice of the votive off to the corner

Stunner said...

Seems I need to start powering off my fridge!

I think you should have claimed for your speakers, you have evidence!

Adrian said...

that was just an estimate but I did calculate it and it was actually 30%.

I have those candles scattered all over my place.. the r so small and protected they arent really a fire hazard.

GC (God's Child) said...

oh, I was thinking they were very jazz-y and good for entertaining--especially when the current is on the fritz

funny we haven't heard of any ladies lately
what's up

Adrian said...

the ladies.. lol

Think that is a good idea to write about them after that whole noodle fiasco? what happens if the next one discovers the blog with google again?

Pepper said...

more entertainment for us duhhhhhhhhh

so selfish