Sunday, December 07, 2008

oh the pain..

  • Day 1 (Monday) there was a slight discomfort while eating lunch.
  • Day 2 there is no question about it, something wrong with my throat. There was also signs of a fever but I didn't have a thermometer to prove it.
  • Day 3 I woke up and decide to take a peep in the mirror and see what was going on. My left tonsil was the size of a golf ball. I tried to have breakfast, too painful. I threw up my white flag and decided it was time to go to the doctor.
There was too much to do at work that morning so it got pushed back. The afternoon was jam packed as well so it didn't happen either but for the last hour of the work day I made a trip up to the data center and had to stand up and I was dieing after 20 minutes, my entire body ached.

Day 4, I refused to go to work and suffer through another day so I stayed in a bit and went to the doctor. I'm in between doctors now, I haven't been able to find a doctor I like so I tried a new one. One letter, F. I don't like her. She was old, she had a thick African accent, I could actually read her hand writing and she tried to sweet talk me too much. She wrote me up for two days off work, gave me a prescription and I was out of there. I filled her prescription that contained vitamin C supplements, anti-histamine, antibiotics and 3 days worth of pain killers. I went home took my meds and nothing happened. Didn't feel any better, didn't feel drowsy and I was still miserable. When night came I walked across to the pharmacy showed them what the doctor gave me and asked them for some pain killers that will knock me out, enter Panadol PM. This always does the trick for me.. maybe coz I only take them every other year or so.

Day 5->6 the pain was still very much there and I can barely talk by this point in time. I am so drugged up that I have no problem staying home all day and doing nothing. The nights are even more terrible, I had a fever so bad that I woke up and was soaked like somebody threw a bucket of water on me. I figured that ice cream would help so I walked over to the supermarket and bought a carton of my fav (fyi Edy's butter pecan) but to my surprise my throat wasn't having it, something in the ice cream burns my throat and my gums are also sensitive now so the pecans and them not going to work out.

Day 7, Today, I woke up the left tonsil doesn't look as swollen as before but now my gums hurt even more. Today is the day to be sick, I was going up to the parents for lunch and my sister[specialized in internal medicine] was in town as well so I would see her as well. Of course she doesn't come to lunch by herself she brings along her bf(also a medical doctor) and her good friend(also a doctor). So when they started to talk to me and realize things were horribly wrong she went for a flashlight, took 1 look and was horrified. She called her panel of doctors and all of them were looking down my mouth and then went into a discussion on my current line of treatment. Three doctors trying to fix me for free, now that's what I call proper health care and they all agreed that the first doctor could have done a much better job with the drugs she prescribed.

I can still barely talk now but I am about to start this new set of antibiotics and painkillers my sister's friend prescribed for me. I have to go back to work tomorrow, hopefully this new line of treatment will fix the tonsillitis.


Tami says: said...

:( awww, poor baby Adrian.I'm feeling it for you babes. Does taking out the bad tonsil work? I never had anything like that happen to me, but i feel your pain. Hope you get well soon and back to your old self. Hushies

GC (God's Child) said...

I thought you had to wait out tonsillitis

oh, and tonsillectomy not necessarily a good thing--need tonsils to avoid hodgkins lymphoma

Pepper said...

yech...i came over here to laud you bout a pic i saw of you on noodle's you've gone and ruined the fun for me...struups

i hope ur feeling better now :)

Adrian said...

I am slowly getting better, I can eat real food again. I had to go back to the doctor coz it got so bad I couldn't eat. So for the entire week I was on an icecream and soup diet :p

fyi: maple syrup works great as a topping for ice cream. yum

Stunner said...

Hush yute hope yuh feel better soon. Any kind of sickness and work AC don't go together well. It's best you get the doc write you up a letter so you can take some days off.

Anonymous said...

Suck it up you wuss!!

Crankyputz said...

Oh my dear Muff, feel better!