Wednesday, August 06, 2008

goodbyes and summer daze

According to the stat counter thing people still read my blog, amazing!

My sister after 9 years of medical school has finally finished and is now specialized in internal medicine.. congrats. She took a job in Montego Bay so last week we packed up her stuff and my parents helped her leave Kingston behind. Goodbye and good riddance, I love my sister and all but she is too miserable I can only manage her in small quantities which this distance will provide us. Hopefully she will let me crash in her guest bedroom the next time I'm in Mobay.

Last week Friday was also Emancipation day out here. Not that I would have gone anywhere but I was on standby and therefore stuck in town as per usual. I decided to take a trip to the waterfront downtown Kingston to give my camera a break from hanging out with the spiders and surprisingly down there was nice.

From the people sleeping on the grass(I hope they weren't homeless), the brick walkway by the seawall(ignore the kfc box), the few sail boats in the harbour and lets not forget the creepy guy who popped up and asked if I wasn't going to take his picture, lol I thought of my blog as I pressed the shutter button for him.. I love the new waterfront.


Tami says: said...

The 'New' Waterfront? Adrian, you need to get out more. It's been like that for years. You should see the sunset from that end...lovely. It makes for very good picture taking. Nice pics too.

Mad Bull said...

I'm with Tami. Nothing new down there... It did deh deh long time!

RichiePoo said...

Maybe the strange dude thought that he was going to get his photo in the newspaper. Or he thought you were the paparazzi !

Adrian said...

hmm.. the last time I would have been down there was probably '03 when I had a summer job but I don't remember it being so nice.

my blog _is_ better than the paper.. it's global!

(formerly) Kingston Girl said...

when i worked downtown, i used to wander to the waterfront whenever things got too annoying in the office!

FYI: that mural was painted as part of the Kignston on the Edge Arts Week - and I painted bits of it!!!