Sunday, August 10, 2008

Food expo

So I decided to pass through the Jamaica Culinary Explosion last Sunday. Big mistake, local expos never seem to fail to disappoint. The first thing I did was to take a quick walk around the [over]crowded room and I noticed a bunch of people sitting in the middle looking at an empty stage, is this normal? I see this at pretty much every expo I've been to out here. Eventually some chef took the main stage and started talking about pizza to what would seem to be a captivated crowd(only to the untrained eye. These people must be paid extras, they still sat there after the stage entertainment left.. what were they looking at?).

After seeing everything there was to see I decided to try the free samples. Jamaicans sure are hungry belly, after fighting through the long lines I was surprised with delectable treats such as:
- a pudding made from crackers. Are people really trying to skip me for this?
- jerk seasoning on a cracker.. really?! is this what that long line was for??!
- a small piece of chicken ham on a toothpick.
- a cherry on a toothpick.
- less than a shot of red wine in a plastic cup.

Just like my last post a random[sleazy looking] man tapped me on my shoulder, they wanted me to take a picture of them. I found it strange again but I obliged and stepped back a few steps to get him and his pregnant girlfriend in the frame when she stopped me to ask how much I charged and how would they get the picture. Who, what, where, when why did they think I was one of those people? after explaining to them I was just trying to mind my own business and get some nasty jerk seasoning on a cracker they went on their merry way.

At some point in time I took a break from the food rat race to take a trod on over to Emancipation park that was teaming with people to see what was up over there. Apparently a church service of some sort was in progress and judging by the type of cars and police stationed about the area possibly some politicians were present. What instrument is the old man is playing? is that a flute? anyway he was trying to keep up with the choir singing lol.. 'A' for effort old man, I don't think I've seen anybody playing the flute on street out here yet.


Tami says: said...

Cherry on a tooth pick? Classic!
Yes the old man is playing a flute which i might add should be very good for New Kingston, maybe he led some rats out, who knows? Pied Piper maybe.

As for the 'un-photographer' that was a laugh and to think you obliged in entertaining them. You should have charged them. Free money yay! We could make a business out of conning people. Maybe im bad.

GC said...

that old man's hair is the best!

RichiePoo said...

Whats surprising is that the man found a matching stripe shirt to go with those pants.Killer!
Adrian you made to give up that computer job and go into photography full time there's money to be made. Two occasions of people asking for photos .The writing is on the wall dude.

Adrian said...

conning ppl? lol too much lady mackerel for you tami.

the old man really was dapper

@richie: some bleach and a damp cloth should clean up that vandalism.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Re your comment on my blog: Adrian, trust me, Mobay is not known for its restaurants. Montegonians do not go out to restaurants - it's just not done, so most of the places, especially along the strip, cater to the tourist palette. I have yet to have a really good, lick your fingers meal in Mobay. I've had really good desserts though.

Is that really a Half Moon display in the 8th picture? Half Moon should be ashamed to put their name on that display.

I'm still trying to figure out the Country Wedden display...hmm.

RichiePoo said...

Touche! Adrian. Well Played!!

Adrian said...

@ann: lol yes that was part of the half moon's display, they had some sushi looking rolls, some scraped watermelons and maybe a cake as well.

I heard the restaurant below the Wexford is supposed to be good, the pelican I think. I'm sure I've been there many years ago but I cant remember if it is any good though.

owen said...

the permanent audience is reserving seating space or "camping" as the call it in counter strike. It comes from the days when people used to sit in the front of the church early so that no body no tief dem blessing seat. It has some tactical advantage in concert settings.

Stunner said...

That doesn't sound like much of a food expo from your account.

LOL @ tami, "Pied Piper" indeed, cause we all know that New Kingston have some serious rats!