Monday, September 10, 2007

Landlady changing course

The roof guy called me last Friday afternoon and said he had the material/time/tools to fix the roof and was on his way there now. When I reached home I was pleasantly surprised(thanks to his many broken promises) that the roof was fixed.. finally! What is funny is that rain fell nearly every day before the roof was fixed and since then there hasn't been a single drop.

The next day the landlady came to renovate/garden around the other empty house on the lot and blocked my car in. When I found her we were talking about my roof and she said she had to get a new guy on Friday to fix the roof. Apparently the first roof guy who called me on Friday after wasting all that time lost the job by just a few hours.. oh well, you snooze you lose.

Before moving her car she then took me on a walk around the lot and she started pointing out all the wrong things the caretakers were doing with her garden. The caretakers being the guy who lived in the now empty house and the strip club owner who lives in another house on the lot. It would seem mr. strip club used some weed killer on some weeds about the place and she , to quote her, doesn't take too kindly to weed killer. She claimed she will be taking back responsibility of her garden then finally moved her car after moaning on about other problems she had with the people on the lot... one really has to wonder what she says about me to other people. When I came back the property was well manicured and well taken care of, I hope she keeps this up.

I also visited Barbq and my old apartment over the weekend.. the place is looking really nice. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one of the two bedroom units are for sale when I am ready to buy a house, it would be perfect :p. My only problem with over there was the parking lot was a bit on the small side for the amount of units so it is a tight squeeze to fit all cars there when everybody is in. After my whole dilemma with the landlady and the roof after the hurricane I am ready to actively start looking for somewhere to buy but I have pumped a lot of my cash into the stock market since the start of the year. I guess when the market becomes right I can reap the benefits of those investments and build a larger deposit. The analysts predicted the JSE to boom this year due to the elections.. I haven't seen anything yet, not even a spark :p, still keeping my fingers crossed.


bobby said...

Good to see that your inadvertently place sky light has now been removed. So it is back to ghetto penthouse status again.

i agree with you on the land lady, tek sleep mark death i say.

Fiyah said...

Well at least the roof got fixed. I wonder if it makes sense to invest some US dollars in some Jamaican based stocks? Wah yuh tink?

marangand said...

What you think about cash plus and Olint? If you invest with them for 10 mths you can double your money.....They say Big risk, Big Returns! You could buy that 2 b/room apt sooner than you think!
Happy to heaar that your roof finally fix!

Adrian said...

@fiyah: whats wrong with investing in the us stock market?

@marangand: I invest like an old lady, low risk. There high returns are attractive but olint needs to regularize their business before i'll pay them any mind.
cash plus is too shady for me, the day somebody shows me how they legitimately and sustainably make their money to offer such returns then I will also consider them.

Fiyah said...

@Adrian: Just another way to diversify I guess. Plus.. ah would be investing in my homeland.

Stunner said...

Glad to hear that your roof finally got fixed! Hmm a strip club owner...maybe you can hook me up, so I can start my website and magazine, Jamaican Booty Girlz!

Adrian said...

He has the same taste in girls as me.. most of his workers are slim and sexy just the way I like em.

@fiyah: at the rate the Jamaican dollar is falling I'd keep my money in USD :p

Tami said...

Glad to hear you back on track. As for cashplus if you want i can get a meeting set up for more info. The bad thing about them low risk even though your money might be safer is that it takes way too long to see any returns and since the dollar devalues dailey aint it better to just run with what you can get now?