Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bon voyage sun

The past couple of days have been rather wet here in Kingston and I am loving the rather cool weather the torrential rains have brought with it. I had plans to go to the north coast this weekend but of course that had to be scratched due to the inclement weather at hand.

All this rain has also highlighted the fact that water leaks in the trunk of my car. Water also drips from the roof in my kitchen but I have long accepted this problem will not go away due to the laziness of my landlady and I have just have a bucket under the leak all year round. Leaky roofs doesn't seem to bother me much as it would leak over my bed occasionally at my parents house. I would be sleeping and be awoken at 1am in the morning by some cold water dripping on my shoulder and would have to go for a container to catch the water them move over to the other side of the bed.

Aside from the rain flooding my trunk, turning the roads into a long parking lot in the evenings and squashing my North coast plans I spent a lot of cozy quality time with noodle at home. The artist Busy Signal also passed through the canteen one day for a signing session. I like some of his songs but I'm not really a fan of him as he beat up(wickedly) one of my friends who was one of the sweetest most harmless girl I knew. If you look at the pictures you might notice his knuckles are bruised.. I guess he gets into a lot of fights, one day he will get whats coming to him :p. Last week Beanie man also passed through too, my camera was in the car though so there were no Kodak moments captured by me then.

My father's birthday was last week as well so today we went out to lunch at the Terra Nova as usual to celebrate. I am usually rather tired of there food now but today their supposedly 80 item buffet was extra delicious. If I knew lunch was going to be that good I would have skipped out on the eggs, jerked sausage, bacon and hashed browns I had for breakfast this morning(thanks frozen food isle). Lets hope the food doesn't haunt me like the last time I went out with my father to lunch at Dragon Court(where I spotted a roach) three weeks ago which gave me the runs for the next few days. They claimed the food was that much more tastier and left with big smiles since it was my turn to treat and I footed the bill. I've had my eye on Ambrosia recently maybe we can go there next but it's so hard to leave the tested and proven Terra Nova.

One topic at lunch brought up by my sister was my apparently my ability to properly budget and manage money. Apparently she says she is getting old(late late 20's :p) and needs to settle down with this aspect of her life. She wanted a copy of my GnuCash to run on her mac laptop.. and she wonders why she has no money. Anyway GnuCash and its double entry book keeping system isnt for everyone so to spare her that pain and my pain of getting it installed on her OSX I recommended that she use one of the many free money management sites out there. Coincidentally recently I was helping Noodle set up and track her budget so all the following links were fresh in my browser.

  • Buxfer - Good for keeping track of budgets and shared expenses such as shared rent/utility bills among room mates.
  • ClearCheckbook - Haven't used it yet but it looks good from the tour.
  • Expensr - also looks promising from the tour.
Also for y'all windows users I guess there is Quicken and MS Money if your willing to spend some cash on them. I also think the with the latest release of GnuCash they have ported it to windows.. I can't vouch for that one but I can say the unix branch is a stable solid piece of software.


GC said...

what bothers me about quicken and MS money is that there is a new version every year. I don't understand why software peoples always have to top their own act.
Maybe I will try one of those free ones.

Kingston Girl said...

maybe i missed it while i was away from the internet ... but why did the nickname noodle come about?!

Crankyputz said...

Love that you are so budget concious...will definately use of these to manage my expenses going forward.

SimplEnigma said...

You remind me of one of the football players on that show The Game - the one that's married to the white girl who's always looking for ways to save a buck. LOL.

Adrian said...

lol.. I already know how to save a buck. I am just sharing the knowledge to my sister :p

@kg: noodle? I can't recall where it came from.. I think its cute though ;)

See no evil said...

SE; you are right, Adrian always trying to save a buck or two. i always telling him we dont do much fun things, his line of fun is staying home because its cheaper. i invite him to all my all-inclusive parties that my modeling agency puts on, he most of the times says no...his kind of fun is updating his GnuCash.
when we do go out to the movies, beach, or to get food....i have to fund my part, because hes not paying, not to mention if i owe him as little as ten dollars, i have to pay him back real quick or else he wont stop asking for it. lord know i wish i was exaggerating.
i still love you though hon.

Adrian said...

lol.. hi noodle!

No need to be so bitter, I'm sorry that you are so bored when you are around me but I am a home body.. I <3 my home, you knew this before you got with me.

re: my kind of fun is updating gnucash
Taking 10mins out of my week to reconcile my books is a problem? I spend more time in the kitchen to prepare a meal.. or do we have a problem with that too? :p

re: funding yourself
maybe my definition of a relationship is twisted but for me the role of atm/provider wasn't part of it.

ps. there was a lot of exaggeration in your accusations.

bobby said...

LOL LOL LOL @ see no evil (noodle) ..... $10 HUH lol lol

But seriously guys hope all of this is in good humour ...if this is not the place for it ...40yrs old i know

See no evil said...

im not bitter, and im not exaggerating. a few months ago you and i went to get some food, but unfortunately i had no funds...needless to say we left the restaurant with one meal, and it wasnt mine. i have no problem paying, i do it most of the times, but for you...the though of it hurts.
my love remains the same :p

Kingston Girl said...

this is hilarious!!! I think a discussion between adrian and noodle should become a regular feature on this site

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the one meal.

Stunner said...

I need one of those budget softwares so i can better organize my money and spend less!

Matt said...

you can also checkout,they have this budget simulator thing that's kinda nifty. Probably more tailored to younger people who don't have too many expenses but its easy to use and thats always a plus!

Tami said...

aww how sweet a fellow linuxer aww.

Irie Diva said...

ambrosia is very nice indeed. try their platter. i've never been to terra seems overly exp from the out lookin in.

i'm trying hard to not comment on your personal life no more...but, the signs were so obvious!!! ok none a mi bidnis even tho unno put it out there :D