Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bye Boston

Well I should say Burlington which was about 30minutes outside of Boston. I liked it up there, the weather was so much more comfortable than Jamaica, the temperature mainly stayed in the low 80s for the duration I was there. I am green with envy that its close to 100f here in the shade in Jamaica while I was up there running around in the sun and breaking a sweat.

It was the first time I was travelling that far up North. The people were nice and friendly, the town was clean. The area was generally well taken care of and looked like it was maintained by a professional landscaper. One thing that boggled my mind was that most of the buildings I saw had a propane or coal barbecue grill outside and they seemed to be used. I cant imagine going to work, feeling hungry then going outside to grill a steak or some franks for lunch.. but these people do it. They even had lots of picnic tables everywhere to compliment the grill. I can understand the hotel but pretty much every other business in the area had the same thing... The whole area reminded me of a nature getaway, if my workplace was like that I would love going to work.

Aside from the great weather and friendly people all was not dandy. Viral meningitis slapped me back to miserable reality on Wednesday night which I am still yet to fully recover from. It's a good thing I was a trooper and decided to fight on, I'm told if I went to a doctor they would have done a lumbar tap and I must say I have grown attached to my spinal fluid so that wouldn't be cool.

Also along the lines of not cool was my work's credit card being denied. As I was checking out of my hotel room yesterday morning the lady at the front desk informed me I needed to pay for the room. Let us ignore the fact that before I left I asked the people at work to book and pay for the room then I did my due diligence and called the hotel to verify that they did so before I left Jamaica. Now the reason I was being told I needed to pay for the room was due to the fact the bank was denying my companies card possibly due to limit restrictions. So the lady tried to bill most of what she could to there card and I gave her my card to pay for the rest. Lets keep our fingers crossed that my work doesn't give me much BS to get back what I paid.

I decided to save some bucks and skip the $60 taxi back to the airport. I took the shuttle to the mall and from there the public transport. I figured I would actually get to see a glimpse of the real Boston this way before I left since I was stuck up in Burlington all week. The shuttle came late so I missed the first bus. To make my flight at Boston Logan international airport I couldn't afford to miss anything else, I took a long bus ride to the subway station, took the redline subway to the silverline bus route and hopped on a bus to the airport just in time to check in.

Rocking chairs at the terminal? lol this was definetly weird at first, this was the last thing I'd expect to see at an international airport. The people seemed to be loving them though. One thing that was of concern the whole time I was there was the fact that I had only 35minutes in Miami to make my connecting flight back to Kingston. I tried to get it changed but that would have been $200 extra so I decided to take my chances of being stuck in Miami overnight since my flight was the last flight to Kingston yesterday. Things worked out fine and I'm back in this sweltering heat and humidity.

Kate you didn't even offer to buy me a beer for come visiting your city! lol I came across her blog randomly when I just started out blogging and loved it, her blog was the only one I visited for a few months before I decided to look for my Caribbean bloggers.


Mad Bull said...

Viral meningitis! And you didn't go to the doctor? You sure thats what it was?

Rocking chairs? Wow!

Adrian said...

well I took some pain killers and was starting to feel better.

When I came back to Jamaica I spoke to my sister about it and shes a doctor.. so I guess I did go to a doctor :p

Stunner said...

Welcome back to the fire! Jamaica is almost as hot as when I was in NY! I am seriously going to get an AC.

Hope you fully recover from the Viral meningitis!

I am still looking forward to the day when I'll be sent abroad on a course, lol!

GC (God's Child) said...

isn't viral meningitis lethal? And isn't it contagious?
and you flew on a plane with that?

GC (God's Child) said...

I looked it up and never mind. I guess it's not even as bad as the common cold.

owen said...

isn't that shit painful? oh, no, I'm getting back pains now.

Crankyputz said...

Hope ure feeling better.

If you came to TO, we would arrange a drinking session for you. FYI

Kate said...

You never told me you were coming!

I know exactly where you were too, an ex of mine took a training course in Burlington and I stayed with him. It was probably the same place!

I'm sorry you didn't get to see much of my fair city. It really is a cool place to see and visit!

Adrian said...

@cranky: TO eh? There was opportunity for me to be up in those neck of the woods earlier this year but things were a bit too busy to leave... look out for me

@kate: lol its your turn to visit my country :p

Tami said...

haha, thank god i wasn't the only one who researched VM. I asked my friend what it is, he said something to do with the vagina, googled it and realized otherwise...shouldn't u get it drained or something?

As for the rocking chairs, they make good sense, people need to be comfortable and distracted while they wait. Imagine sitting on an uncomfortable chair for 4 hours waiting on a flight from MIA? no fun! Welcome back.