Sunday, September 27, 2009

September to remember

I would like to introduce a 36 hour day.

It is now the end of September and this is my first post. The last time I wrote a post I was living at my old apartment, I am now fully moved and almost finished settling in. As with every other procedure that involves the Jamaican government offices I could not get the new place certified in time but I still had to move since I gave notice. I ended up moving into a place with no power and suffering for two weeks.

With no power and no fridge I survived on my tea candles, 3G dongle and my laptop to get me through the nights when I got home from work. For the weekends I crashed at a friend's house and she treated me like a king. Eventually the power service was turned up and I quickly got my security grills and curtains installed, I could now rest with piece of mind and with privacy.

Of course in the mix of everything is still school. I have already completed two courses, submitted one research paper and sat one exam already. The first exam wasn't so bad, I finished with about an hour to spare probably a first for me. Lets hope I passed with flying colors :p. Other than that UWI has changed greatly since I've left. They have added a special section to the library for postgraduates only and I am loving it.

Between the school tuition, moving to a larger apartment, having three mouths to feed and general homeowner expenses has put me in a situation I have not been in for a while.. broke. It is just really a matter of cash flow and normally it wouldn't be much of an issue but I am looking to upgrade my couch and I saw a really nice three piece leather living room set that is now haunting my day dreams. I quickly wrote it off as being unaffordable but I saw in a magazine today the price has been slashed by over 20% to something more acceptable. It's time to reshuffle the budget to get in on these sales prices!


Anonymous said...

yeah!!...ur're things with baby n mama?

owen said...

buying expensive appliances and furniture is a downward spiral from which you can never return

Crankyputz said...

It's always something else with a home, I finally got it furnished, and now I'm all about painting, scones and granite never ends.

Tami says: said...

Leather couches and Jamaica's weather don't mix, worst a kid in lieu only means busting of that leather. It gets unsightly after a while.

Go with regular, at least if your tastes change you can get it upholstered into a different colour or shape.

Stunner said...

Well, at least you don;t have to worry about going through all that again, it;s your place you moved into and you can't give yourself notice! lol!

I love leather couches... as Tami says though, it kinda hot when the time hot. But apart from that, it's great!

Kara - Jamaican Woman said...

i was about to add that i can never understand the want for leather couches in JA...unless of course your AC unit will be running 24/7

uhmmmm three mouths? irate pregnant girl (lol) is having twins?

Pepper said...

he's feeding irate pregnant girl too...nutn wrong wit that...i feel her pain!