Tuesday, April 14, 2009

scrabble time

As per requests in my last post here is a video made with my home made timer and my trusty canon 400d. Sorry I couldn't embed the video I'm new to this and I thought Vimeo allowed it. I also must apologize for not adding a sound track to the movie as I haven't figured out on how to get my open source tools to do it yet. On that note I should mention how I did it in the first place in case any other adventurous individual searches and finds this post.

$ cat .mplayer/mencoder.conf
profile-desc="h264 high res"
$ mencoder -nosound mf://data/scrabble/*.jpg -mf type=jpg:fps=3 -profile x264-vimeo -o final-edit.mkv
This just assumes the reader knows their way around linux. I compiled mplayer/mencoder with x264 support enabled, then ran the mencoder to compile the individual photos into a vimeo/youtube acceptable HD video format. If anyone knows of a GTK front end or a how I can encode an audio track into the mix let me know how.

On a less mentally taxing, I got my Arduino based micro controller today. This has an amtel atmega168 chip at it's core running at a whole 16MHz, has 16KB flash, 1KB RAM, 0.5KB EEPROM and a whole slew of digital and analog I/O pins. It isn't anything to gawk at but it was relatively cheap and easy to program. I haven't done much with it yet but as soon as I got home I scrambled to build a power supply[6AA batteries] for it as you can see in the background and coded my first program for it to display that message for all three of my blog readers.

I hope y'all enjoyed the time lapse video at least if the rest of this post confused you.

-- EDIT -- 16/04/09

Several days later and I just figured out how to embed videos now. you won't get the full HD video unless you click the link and go to the actual Vimeo page though so still do that :).

Scrabble time lapse from Adrian W.


Zone said...

So how exactly do you attach the the remote shutter timer to the camera.

Do you actually have to pull down the camera and mess with the circuits?

Zone said...

I mean mess with the circuits in the camera

Adrian said...

It depends on the camera you have, I have a canon 400d that has a little 2.5mm remote shutter jack similar to the wired ear pieces thats on most mobile phones. So I just plug my circuit into there and I'm good to go.

See an instructables that better details on how to build something similar. I see other instructables where people take apart their point and shoot cameras but I'm not that brave :p

Stunner said...

Cool time lapse video Adrian, could do well with one of those dramatic instrumental soundtracks though. hey were you looking up words on your cellphone star, you took it up almost every 4 seconds of the video! lol

Ann (MobayDP) said...

nuh understand one ting in this post.

carry on.


Pepper said...

im with ann and im at work so i cant even see the vid...

guard runner said...

hallo from italy

Adrian said...

hello from Jamaica!

Tami says: said...

Some little pervert not watching the game but watching how much scrabble girl shirt keeps moving up or how she just open the legs, inviting. I wonder what happened when she moved to the right of the screen. Foreplay maybe?

Was this an actual video or was it multiple shots arranged in sequence to form a video. Add sound adrian.