Sunday, June 08, 2008

Projects: from start to finish

Who can relate to this cartoon? It's my slightly modified version from project cartoon.

How the customer explained it

How the project leader understood it

How the analyst designed it

How the programmer wrote it

What the beta testers received

How the business consultant described it

How the project was documented

What operations installed

When it was delivered

How it was supported

After it was launched

The disaster recovery plan

What marketing advertised

What the customer really needed

The open source version

How the customer was billed

If only things could be different.


Stunner said...

Such is life in the business world.

Browning says: said...

So much is said in so little words. No wonder children have the perception they do. The unfairness of the world.

Crankyputz said...

That gave me a good laugh..

taylor2nd said...

The open source version looked workable.. that cushion would come in handy after using it for a while.

Pepper said...

hmm....busy at work i see...

GC said...

I'm with Taylor
good laugh

alex said...

I agree with your modifications except for the open source photo. Ideally the open source version is like that.