Saturday, April 14, 2007

Its been a year!

Well not quite one year yet but this month marks my one year since I started my blog! Some how the stars aligned themselves and threw the person who originally got me into blogging into my living room, Adrienne! This girl started her blog and used to hound me to read/comment on it but it took me a few months before I started paying it any attention. Eventually the boredom at work made me look for other blogs to read then it wasn't long before I got the idea to start my own. It's been a while since I've seen her (and my my things have changed :p) but she was just ignoring me while talking to her boyfriend on her laptop. So since she didn't want to pose for a nice picture or any picture at all I made a funny face(I don't always look so retarded) and captured this precious but well timed memory for my one year anniversary blog post. She will probably kill me if she find out I posted it on my blog but I doubt she still reads mine.

Speaking of boredom at work, that has been dead and buried for a while now. My boss has trying to drown all of us with a tidal wave of tasks. I'm not blaming him though, these are mostly new requirements passed down from his boss' boss. We spent about 5 working hours yesterday trying to complete a ridiculous report on the availability/performance of various platforms we are responsible for and this is now a weekly report. Some how spending 15% of my productive work week doing reports instead of real work will benefit the company.

On the topic of work, things seem to be looking up. lol maybe not but in a meeting with my boss this week he asked me about my career goals and since nobody wants to be stagnant I told him I want his job. We had a good laugh about it but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Mad Bull said...

Uh oh! Careful you don't get the axe now!

Kingston Girl said...

Happy Blogiversary!

So no photos from bacchannal?

SimplEnigma said...

Ditto KG's comments.

I came here specifically for a rousing round of photographs of the carnival proceedings.

But somehow, I'm thinking if you were posting on your blog on Saturday, it means you were probably not out and about.

Hurry up an' come, nuh?

Crankyputz said...

Good Laugh, but in his head he's thinking Cocky MOFO,

Adrian said...

The people wanted bacchannal road march eh?

Well I woke up on Sunday morning hearing the drums so I knew it started and was somewhere near so I called my carnival friend.. got no answer, maybe she was jumping too. Anyway since I knew nothing of the route and couldn't find company for the adventure I just threw my cam in the car and went to my parents for the usual Sunday lunch... my day is normally shot after I visit them.

I'm sure Stunner will hook y'all up :p

taylor2nd said...

congrats on making it to a year. lets see how many more will happen befor you suffer from the terrible blogger burnout syndrome. I'll hit ya'll up with a link to some carni photos as well as soon as they get posted. to my photo site

GC (God's Child) said...

re I don't always look so retarded
thanks for clearing that up because I was a little worried.

re boss
You know you have to watch your back now right? But then you always had to anyway.